Folding covers for your pick up


Celer markets folding tonneau covers from Undercover and Bakflip. Both factories are part of the same group and are equivalent in function. Manufacturing takes place in the United States.

The cover is foldable in sections to use the desired part of the bed or the entire bed length. It can also be disassembled completely if desired. The cover can be opened either from the right or left side of the truck. If the truck is fitted with a lockable tailgate, the cover will remain locked when the lid is in use.

The covers are made of aluminum and can withstand a load up to 300 Lbs. It is equipped with profiles that lead away rainwater and keep the bed dry. No mounting holes need to be drilled during assembly. The cover profiles are fitted to the bed by aluminum clamps.

Undercover and Bakflip are available for most truck models, Amarok, Hilux, Isuzu, Navara, Ranger and US models.