Snugtop hard tops & lids

Snugtop hard tops fully match the truck lines and integrate with the body. The tops are made of fiberglass and are therefore not temperature sensitive. The tops have reinforced ceilings and are delivered painted in the truck’s color and are fitted with interior lighting and extra brake lights. The tops are standard with tinted glass. No attachment holes need to be drilled in the bed to mount the top. Snugop is manufactured in the United States and has been on the market since 1959.

AB Celer is general agent in Sweden for Snugtop’s hard tops and lids.

Snugtop´s hard tops are available in different models:

Cab Hi, with side windows in aluminum frames. The side windows can be opened with sliding glass. Glass tailgate with an aluminum frame.

Hi Liner, like Cab Hi but with extra high ceiling.

Rebel, like Cab Hi but with tailgate completely in glass without aluminum frame.

Xtra Vision, cab hi top with extra large framed side windows and tailgate in glass without frame.

Super Sport, cab hi top with fixed glass and tailgate in glass. Equipped with popout side ventilation windows. Clothed inside with silencing black mat that also prevents condensation.

Expo, like Super Sport but with diffirent side window configuration.

XTR, like Super Sport but with 2″ roof rails.

Snugpro is a hard top version with doors on the long sides instead of side windows which makes it suitable for work vehicles. The side doors are fitted with recessed T-handle that makes it easy to open and close these. The tailgate can be ordered in glass or fiberglass without transparency. The Snugpro version is available in the Cab Hi, Hi Liner and Xtra Vision models.

Snuglid is an elegant lockable tonneau cover, suitable for most pick up´s. Snuglid is available in three models SL, F2 and TC. These differ mainly in terms of locks, F2 also has a small protruding edge (mini spoiler) at the rear.